Monday, June 29, 2015

#45 Voces

"Oh ye that embark in he service of your fellow beings"

We were blessed with a great week! I got to jam with a black lady, and do a great amount of service! 

On Thursday afternoon we were walking to a lesson when I was suddenly stopped by a Dominican lady. She just stopped and without saying a word put this earbuds in my ear. I started hearing this heavy metal music. More than anything I was confused. She then took it out, smiled and said, "I'm Christian too.... Keep up the preaching." On the mission I've just been able to see some interesting things and some interesting people. What I've learned is that we're all kind of weird, but God loves us all regardless! 

Yesterday we were blessed with an opportunity to serve a beautiful Ecuadorian family. They work in fairs selling articles of clothing and jewelry from their country. They are moving to Holland because the work situation is better there. We got to move a ton of heavy boxes down a few floors, and then take them to another member's house and store them really high up. I've been asked many times why do we need to congregate together to worship, can't we just do what's right and read the bible? There are many reasons why, but I believe that God allows us to congregate to help each other so we can feel charity! I'm happy for the opportunity we had to serve and for r the opportunity we HAVE to serve God everyday!! The church is true!!! 

Pics... What I look like inside, and exchanges! 

¡La Iglesia es verdadera!

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