Monday, January 26, 2015

#25 Adios Alin

This week was way solid! We just worked hard, and had a good time! I
got a new comp and I've been teaching him Español! I have to force him
to speak Spanish and that kinda stinks, but it's what's best for him.
He's a good kid with good desires, so I feel like we're going to do
great things!

We had a lot of solid lessons, and on Saturday morning we did an
activity with all of our young men! (Both of them) Jaja but we brought
2 investigators with us, so we doubled our number! I got to go with
Aaron and Javi! Aaron is super ADD, and he has no fear!! He would go
up to random old people and just talk loud and share whatever...
literally whatever came to his mind! We had a great time, and they
felt excited!

                                            BEST NEWS EVER!!
I talked to our branch President about the Fuentes family (The family
who we taught the temple prep classes to) He said that they're been
paying tithing, so they can be interviewed now! Then the next week the
steak President is coming down for ward confernce, so he'll do his
interview then. In 2-3 weeks they can be going to the temple and then
get sealed for time and all eternity!! I'm so excited for them and for
the progress that I've been able to see in them! This is the best part
of the best 2 years!!

Well I know the church is true!!

Pics Alin is going back to Romania today! He was a cool investigator
and a great soccer player! I going to miss him! Aaron and new compa!

Monday, January 19, 2015

#24 Craziest Story Ever!!

Wow! This week was the last week of the transfer and jammed packed! We went hard and got two fechas! We went to a REAL MADRID game, and I had an INSANE expierence in Church! 

We've been teaching an Ecuatorian family, but it seemed like none of them were progressing except for Aaron, We met with him and gave him a date to be baptised. He accepted! He's an awesome youth and will be a great example! 

We went to our game!! It was way cool and super fun! We saw Ronaldo and Ramos score!! Unfortunately we tied and got knocked from the Copa, but it was still so cool!! 

         CRAZY STORY
Now the story! My comp got notice that we has leaving our area, so we packed and were only 5 minutes early to church. We had an Xinvestigator there. He's a lazy Domincan who we dropped because he would just chill laying on his bed while we taught him. He was just lazy and had no desires so we dropped him like 3 months ago. So we walked in, and Felix(Xinvestigator) was yelling at our Branch Prezident dcondeming him to Hell! Apprently he walked into the chapel, knelt by the drinking fountain and demanded to be bapized!! 

We walked in and then went into a seperate room with him. Our president said that we have order in our church so we have to wait. He said that he had be reborn and God wanted him to be baptised NOW!! He looked at my comp and said, "This old man doesn't let me be baptised! You have authority! Come to my house and baptise me tonight!!" My comp said he was leaving tonight, so he couldn't. I had to escourt him out of the church, so our prez. could start the meeting. He told me that I was kicking him out the way the Jews refused Jesus. He said, "You will be judged and I condem you to Hell!! But the chubby one(My comp) You can be saved! Where is another church?!" 

I said there is one by the prado. (The catholic church) There is also a super market down the street if you wanna stop by there too. He stormed off! 

It was way weird to see Felix like that because we know him as Cleopatra because of him laying pose he did during lessons. I feel like he was drunk, so it was kinda funny. Well it's just good to know that even though we have some weird stuff happen in Talavera that the church is true and that I can share that message! 

Elder Bailey
Goodbye Elder Poulson

Monday, January 12, 2015

#23 Good Ole' West

Where do I start... well first off Read this whole email in a hick accent. (My regular voice gets boring) This week was the best darn week I even done had! Not really, but it sure did have some, good qualities.. like my first truck! 

We was doing a lots of service. It done made my heart fill with joy! We finished helping Joni put up his locutorio! We keep seeing those blessings from service! We were able to meet with another Bolivian familia! They seem so great! We have just found a lot of great people, so now we just need to get them to start making and keepin' commitments! There names are Betsabel, Marta and Marcos!! They just seem so ready!!!
Then on Thursday I done had the worstest fever east of the Mississippi! (Cut out the country accent. I can't do it anymore). Being sick on the mission stinks. I just felt so useless! On the plus side it was cool because when I woke up my comp had made me food! I love food! Then we had to cancel some appointments, but it was kinda cool because almost everyone we rescheduled with brought me medicine! Some people are just awesome! 

The coolest thing that happened this week was definitely the news that Isma(My first baptism) baptised his sister. Let me say that again! ISMA BAPTISED HIS SISTER!! It's unbelievably cool to see that he's not only staying strong, but also being a positive influence in his family's life!! The church is true! God is awesome and Isma just baptised Dayana! 

I hope you all have a great week! 

PS Next week I'll most likely be talking about the REAL MADRID GAME that my comp and I are going to on Thursday! RM vs Atletico deMadrid! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

#22 Holiday Cheer!!

Well the last few weeks have been really slow, but we're also seen some great miracles!! 

I have no time, so I'll just say that we're found 3 great new families this week!! One that is a Colombian family with a Spanish dad(Just to prove that we actually teach Spaniards in Spain) Another just Colombian, and a Bolivian family! It's great because they were all very open to the gospel and look like they could be great members! They all have jobs(Which is rare, and what our branch needs) 

Real quick I'll talk about the Spanish Dad Colombian family! We met then doing service in a little town. We were helping a member move, and then starting chatting with their employee! I love Colombian food, and slang, so we decided that we were going to get together and make Mexican buñelos! And her and her mum were gonna make food for us! (the tummy leads to the heart) We then met with them, and had a bomb lesson!! Our area is growing a lot, and I'm so exciting that I have a part in it!! 

The church is true, and so is everything about it!! God is awesome, and is now my good friend! I hope that all of you have the best new year of your lives because I know that I will!! 

Love Elder Bailey!! 

Shoot out to Kevin and Stevin! Look who I found playing soccer today!! Elder Fonseca!! 

Wow!! I look like I'm in pain in that first pic!! It's pretty ugly.. oops!

 Well Here's one of me and my comp at soccer today! 

I also fit 19 grapes in my mouth for new years!!