Monday, June 29, 2015

#45 Voces

"Oh ye that embark in he service of your fellow beings"

We were blessed with a great week! I got to jam with a black lady, and do a great amount of service! 

On Thursday afternoon we were walking to a lesson when I was suddenly stopped by a Dominican lady. She just stopped and without saying a word put this earbuds in my ear. I started hearing this heavy metal music. More than anything I was confused. She then took it out, smiled and said, "I'm Christian too.... Keep up the preaching." On the mission I've just been able to see some interesting things and some interesting people. What I've learned is that we're all kind of weird, but God loves us all regardless! 

Yesterday we were blessed with an opportunity to serve a beautiful Ecuadorian family. They work in fairs selling articles of clothing and jewelry from their country. They are moving to Holland because the work situation is better there. We got to move a ton of heavy boxes down a few floors, and then take them to another member's house and store them really high up. I've been asked many times why do we need to congregate together to worship, can't we just do what's right and read the bible? There are many reasons why, but I believe that God allows us to congregate to help each other so we can feel charity! I'm happy for the opportunity we had to serve and for r the opportunity we HAVE to serve God everyday!! The church is true!!! 

Pics... What I look like inside, and exchanges! 

¡La Iglesia es verdadera!

Monday, June 22, 2015

#44 I don't remember

These last couple of days I've been kinda sick, but Satan doesn't take a day off, so neither do I! Jaja but if anything I say in these email doesn't make sense it very well may be that I took the night time pills during the day.

I really don't remember what happened this week all that I remember is that I felt really good about this week. Yesterday we went over to the Montes' house and I made burritos! We had a great time, and were able to have another very edifying lesson. Whenever I go over there I feel like I do a lot of introspection, and it allows me to open my spiritual eyes. I'm trying hard to see situations and people the way that the Lord does.

Later during the day yesterday we were contacting in the streets. It was 42 degrees... which is Fahrenheit is about 108 degrees. I was sick and completely drained. I told my comp that we were going to sit in the shade, stay productive and make calls. As I was making calls some old guy came and started talking to my comp. Then an old investigator came and started talking to me. Then his friend walked by and I started teaching her too. We taught for like 20 minutes, but he had to go to a lesson. It was awesome to see the Lord just do what I couldn't do. When we give it our all God will pick us up and take us the rest of the way!

The church is true. I love all of you and sincerely hope that you all have a fantastically great week! (I think that's grammatically incorrect... ehh.. have pity for the sick(;

Monday, June 15, 2015

#43 Eu no falou

This week was great!! We met an old angel and had some very inspiring meeting. 

We were in the bank getting our bus passes renewed and we were in in line behind this old Galego  guy. We were waiting for it to be our turn, but this sneaky lady tried to cut us in line. Once the old guy noticed what was happening he took a second and then started expressing himself. He begun cussing like a sailor! "I have a bad knee! How dare you cut us in line!" After a minute of him yelling and everyone looking at him the lady moved and I was like go ahead brother. He said with s smile, "After you my friend." My comp is convinced that he was a third Nifite. 

Now I feel like I've written about my good friend Fran before, but basically he's an awesome guy who's less active. He was Bishop in Venezuela and Branch president here. We were conversing and I so much wanted to get to the core of the problem. Through inspired questions and the Spirit we were able to help him realize why we should keep the commandments what moves him to choose the right. The Spirit was very strong in that room, and I know that he has the potential to transform this branch which is why I'm so excited about his growth. 

The church is true. Here are a couple of pics we got with our other Venezuelan friend Jose Matute! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

#42 Portugal

Bueno I have no time today, or hardly ever, but we had a miraculous week!

We just got back from Portugal, so I have poco tiempo but muchos pictures! (Don't worry dad we had permission) (:

We were on exchanges, so I was waiting for my companion, making calls. This guy named Jhonathan is was an old investigator that I've tried to
call like 10 times. I felt like I should call him, but I didn't want to call him to just hear another answering machine. I decided to follow the prompting and kick my pride out of the way for a second. I called him, and answered! He was open to meet that day right when my comp got back from the station. We set the place, and told him we'd be there in 45 minutes. My comp's bus came late, so we got to where Jhonathan was 90 minutes later! Jhonathan had waited there for an extra 45 minutes! (Doesn't happen in Spain) Then we met with him to see where he was at. He had read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, stopped smoking and isn't living with his girlfriend! That's gold if I've ever seen it!!!

We conversed for a few minutes and went over what he remembered. He told me that he felt like the church was good, and this is the path that he wants to follow! That's HUGE miracle! He's so prepared! We now have a date for his batism, and I thank the Lord for blessing this area, and me with such a prepared man!

Gotta be their stepping stones!

Monday, June 1, 2015

#41 Vision

Esta semana fue guay! It was my first week with my new comp, and I had a great time with him. he got baptised just a little over 2 years ago, and now he's on a mission!! He has a good spirit, so we're gonna blow up this area! 

This week we heard about our main man Oswaldo. His 7 year old son was talking to his friend saying that he can't play with him Sunday because he has to go to church. Oswaldo and his wife said that they're now going this week because they're not Mormons. Oswaldito said, "Well in that case I'm a Mormon!" It  makes me laugh, but it's also interesting how young children are often times more in tuned to the Spirit than adults. 

We also had district conference this week, and we had Fran the Domincan come. I was way pumped to see him there! He's the guy that used to be a bishop in the DR, but has now been inactive for like7 years. Him and I are buddies, so we had a good time singing and chatting on the bus ride up there! It's really those small moments of joy that make things well worth the effort! 

Lastly we're been working on a District vision, and I found a good use for some of the pictures that I had taken before the mission! It's all in Spanish, but I think it's pretty cool! The church is true, and I hope you all have a grand week!