Monday, June 8, 2015

#42 Portugal

Bueno I have no time today, or hardly ever, but we had a miraculous week!

We just got back from Portugal, so I have poco tiempo but muchos pictures! (Don't worry dad we had permission) (:

We were on exchanges, so I was waiting for my companion, making calls. This guy named Jhonathan is was an old investigator that I've tried to
call like 10 times. I felt like I should call him, but I didn't want to call him to just hear another answering machine. I decided to follow the prompting and kick my pride out of the way for a second. I called him, and answered! He was open to meet that day right when my comp got back from the station. We set the place, and told him we'd be there in 45 minutes. My comp's bus came late, so we got to where Jhonathan was 90 minutes later! Jhonathan had waited there for an extra 45 minutes! (Doesn't happen in Spain) Then we met with him to see where he was at. He had read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, stopped smoking and isn't living with his girlfriend! That's gold if I've ever seen it!!!

We conversed for a few minutes and went over what he remembered. He told me that he felt like the church was good, and this is the path that he wants to follow! That's HUGE miracle! He's so prepared! We now have a date for his batism, and I thank the Lord for blessing this area, and me with such a prepared man!

Gotta be their stepping stones!

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