Monday, June 15, 2015

#43 Eu no falou

This week was great!! We met an old angel and had some very inspiring meeting. 

We were in the bank getting our bus passes renewed and we were in in line behind this old Galego  guy. We were waiting for it to be our turn, but this sneaky lady tried to cut us in line. Once the old guy noticed what was happening he took a second and then started expressing himself. He begun cussing like a sailor! "I have a bad knee! How dare you cut us in line!" After a minute of him yelling and everyone looking at him the lady moved and I was like go ahead brother. He said with s smile, "After you my friend." My comp is convinced that he was a third Nifite. 

Now I feel like I've written about my good friend Fran before, but basically he's an awesome guy who's less active. He was Bishop in Venezuela and Branch president here. We were conversing and I so much wanted to get to the core of the problem. Through inspired questions and the Spirit we were able to help him realize why we should keep the commandments what moves him to choose the right. The Spirit was very strong in that room, and I know that he has the potential to transform this branch which is why I'm so excited about his growth. 

The church is true. Here are a couple of pics we got with our other Venezuelan friend Jose Matute! 

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