Monday, June 1, 2015

#41 Vision

Esta semana fue guay! It was my first week with my new comp, and I had a great time with him. he got baptised just a little over 2 years ago, and now he's on a mission!! He has a good spirit, so we're gonna blow up this area! 

This week we heard about our main man Oswaldo. His 7 year old son was talking to his friend saying that he can't play with him Sunday because he has to go to church. Oswaldo and his wife said that they're now going this week because they're not Mormons. Oswaldito said, "Well in that case I'm a Mormon!" It  makes me laugh, but it's also interesting how young children are often times more in tuned to the Spirit than adults. 

We also had district conference this week, and we had Fran the Domincan come. I was way pumped to see him there! He's the guy that used to be a bishop in the DR, but has now been inactive for like7 years. Him and I are buddies, so we had a good time singing and chatting on the bus ride up there! It's really those small moments of joy that make things well worth the effort! 

Lastly we're been working on a District vision, and I found a good use for some of the pictures that I had taken before the mission! It's all in Spanish, but I think it's pretty cool! The church is true, and I hope you all have a grand week! 

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