Monday, February 23, 2015

#29 Short

This week was grand!! We should be having a baptism or two this

Sunday!! We went up to the wilderness and had a little barbecue with 2
recent converts (Edwardo and David) and Miguel and Helmut! They both
have a fecha and are integrating really well with the members!!

Overall we are having some great experiences here in good ole'
Talavera! I ask for your prayers that everything will go will with
Miguel and Helmut's baptism this Sunday!! The church is true!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

#28 Espain!

This week was great! We had steak conference, Valentines day, and a crazy guy trying to spit game!

Steak Conference was amazing!! I can't really tell you a lot about the talks, but I can say that I saw a ton of people from my last area! It was so great to see Ecuadorian mom, and a ton of the people with whom I worked with and to see their faces light up a little when we saw each other! I just remember that my face hurt from smiling so much!!

Then on pday we went with the Fuentes family(The ones who are getting sealed soon and had a photo shoot!! It felt great! Then on the actual day I was with my X companion and my current comp... The jealousy in that room was ridiculous! Jaja

The last story took place while we were walking home. We were in front of this bar, and this guy stops and does the up down checkout and then starts to sing to these girls.. they looked at him and then ignored him.... the guy kept singing and then walked away. Right before he turned the corner he said, "My heart needs you" He was walking backwards and tripped!! haha it was a good way to finish the day.

Well the church is true!!

Stake Conference

Family photo shoot

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#27 God is Great

This week has been one of the most rewarding weeks of my life.

This week started off fairly rough.. I decided to leave a few of our
investigators because they weren't doing their part, and just wanted
to chill with us. We were in the street contacting a lot!! We had been
rejected a ton, and my comp still doesn't speak Spanish very well, so
I had to go ham, and work hard to keep my level of excitement high. We
put together some visits, and then we got failed on, so back to the
streets!! It just seemed like we were getting rejected a ton. To be
honest I kinda sucked.

Well then Sunday roles around, and we had ward conference. We had a
bunch of investigators come! Miguel has decided to stop going to the
discoteca and drinking! He wants to be baptized soon!! Cristina came
to church, and loved the environment! Juan Pedro, and Edwardo (2
recent converts who we're been guiding a little) did their interviews
to be made elders! Next week they'll be ordained! Joni and Pati got
their interviews for the temple (Elder Poulson and I taught them all
of the temple prep classes) and they should be going through in a
little over a week!! When I saw all of this occurring all of the
bummer week I though I had had seemed like nothing! God is great and
I'm just happy to know that I might be helping a little to progress
His work.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! (Eat Pringles... it helps)

pics When I was buds!! And a throwback

PS I have a big favor for anyone who actually reads these! I need a TON of activities for us to do with a small youth here! I want to show them that they can have fun while they keep the commandments!! Ideas will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a lot fan club!!! PLEASE HELP "It's for the children" 

Monday, February 2, 2015


This quotes sums up a lot! It's The Prince's Bride!!!

Indigo, "I'll give you my word as a Spaniard."
Wesley, "That won't do. I've know too many Spaniard"

Well we're going to start this off with a good ole' milagro! We teach English classes every Thursday, and we had a typical student who came in who said that she didn't want to learn English today, but she wanted to learn about God!! It was soo cool! She speaks English well, so my companion was able to give the lesson very well!! She's a super solid lady, and she is well established which is what we are looking for in our Branch to help us become self-sufficient!

We just had a solid week where we were able to meet with a lot of people, and have a great time doing it! We have quite a few investigators progressing, and doing their part!! We can teach well, and have the Spirit in lessons, but if they don't do their part they will never know that it's true. 

                                                Story time!!!

This Sunday we had an eating appointment with a part member family, and they invited our apostate member who usually goes up and bares false witness in church. The eating appointment went well. Then Jesus(The apostate member) what are the odds. Well he offered to take us to the bus stop, but he took us to the wrong one, so then he was going to drive us 20 minutes to where we live. That was awkward, but then the tire popped, so we were stuck on the side of the road with him for a few hours... Needless to say we had some very interesting conversations!! Well it's good to know that no matter what the church is true, and God loves us! 

I hope that YOU have a great week!! PS Shout out to Talmage Thayne for getting his mission call to Scotland Ireland!!!