Monday, December 29, 2014

#21 Best Letter I've Ever Sent! Maybe....

Outline: David Archuleta Concert!! Drunk Merry Christmas, and Milagros!!

      Jolin!! This week has been one of the best weeks of my life!!
Sunday we had a David Archuleta concert!! He preformed for the Madrid
stakes. Usually when a guy singer comes all of the girls go crazy, but
for him all of the girls and all of the male missionaries went
absolutely crazy!! It was way too cool to go there, with some of our
members. Then while we were a lot of Villalba(my old area) was there!
I spent the whole time giving big old hugs, and smiling so much that
my face killed!! It was awesome! Then the next day David came and
preformed for just the missionaries! Everyone was shaking his hand as
the walked out, but I brought him in and gave him a big old Elder
Bailey hug!

      Christmas eve was also great! We went and helped our friend Joni
move his Internet cafe, then ate with him and his family! He's so
ready to go to the temple!! Then we went with some other Ecuadorians
with Joni. Then he was dropping us off, so I wanted to get a pic with
them for Christmas eve. Then this drunk guy came and asked if he could
be in the picture... ( He only had to repeat himself 3 times for me to
understand that) Then we snapped one of him.. I'll send it in the
email. Then he wanted to take one with tati(17 year old daughter) She
then ran in the car! He then asked me for a Euro. I told him I didn't
have money, so he called me a liar. Haha my comp escaped to our flat,
and I tried to get in our building, but then hi tried to get Joni's
car! Ha I had to get out and kick him out of the car! Haha it was too
funny, and made our night memorable!

  Lastly we just had a lot of miracles working during Christmas, and
really feeling the Love that God has for us. The fact that he sent his
son for us. It's really great that I have the opportunity to share
this message with the people of Madrid Spain! Well the church is true!

Love Elder Bailey
Drunk guy and Joni

Love Elder Bailey

Monday, December 15, 2014

#20 I'm still immature... hehe

This week was awesome! We were able to do a ton of service, Speak in tongues, and rain soccer. 

      We had two investigators that are Romanian. One's name is Helmut and the other one is Miguel. Helmut is 15 and Miguel is 27. We play soccer with them, and Miguel asked us to help him paint a couple of rooms in his house. Luckily I had learned a little working for my dad. We helped them paint and then ate with their mom and dad. It was our first time in there house. We are now teaching their whole family, and are so excited for the path they're on! It's awesome to see how service makes the person giving and receiving service love for one another! 
       This is where we get a little immature... We were on our way back from Toledo from district meeting, and we were behind two Spanish girls who were about 20 years old. My companion and I were speaking in English and we overheard them talking about us. They starting talking, looking back at us, and giggling. They said we were cute or something and then they said... "What if they speak Spanish?" They looked back at us with a little surprised look and asked if we spoke Spanish. I said of course and told them that we enjoyed their conversation. They started freaking out like little girls. Haha it was funny to see what people will say when they think people don't understand them! 

The last thing isn't much of a story we just played soccer in the pouring rain with our investigators, and had a ton of fun! It was way cold, but well worth it! 

      The church is true and I love you guys! The mission is the best, and I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to be here! 
      Love Elder Bailey

Monday, December 8, 2014

#19 Riots, Futbol, Lord of the Rings

Me playing ranchero (don't know how to play)

Buenos dias! 

This week was great! We had a riot in our city, We had to conduct church and we're finding great people! 

 live in Talavera de la Reina. it's the most south that our mission gets, but it's still pretty cold.It's full of Romanians, a few Latins, and obviously Spaniards. Last week there was an Atlitico de Madrid game, and a guy got killed. On Saturday there were a bunch of protesters that came to fight. They were going to be targeting minorities, so everyone was scared. They got together and there was military and police there to stop them, so all they did was break some stuff and graffiti some walls. It was pretty lame. 

      FĂștbol! We've been playing every Monday, (that's allowed) and we've found some great people!! A bunch of Romanians, but we are great friends with them, so it lets us more openly talk about the gospel. Plus most of the time they speak in Romanian, so I'm learning a little! It's too cool! 

          This Sunday all of our Branch Presidency was gone, plus basically all of our leaders, so my comp and I were in charge! It was kinda crazy! I was conducing Sacrament meeting and we usually have this apostate guy go up and preach false doctrine. Jaja so I was in charge of kicking him off of the stand! Jaja I wondered why my comp didn't want to conduct. Things turned out okay!! Well the church is true! 

PS this Romanian guy gave me a hair cut.... I still have it, and it's kinda uh.. interesting. I'll take a pic and send it next week! 
Love Elder Bailey

My buddy Elder Weixler

Monday, December 1, 2014

#18 Thanksgiving dinner with a Dominican family!

Me and my best friend from my last area!  

Well goodness gracious! I'm speaking like an old British lady or a guy from California! 

      This week was great! We've been making some great progress and having a lot of fun doing it! We introduced the 21 day plan that requires the members to pray for 5 of their friends to receive the lessons and at least one of the 5 will be ready at the end of that time! We have felt the power of these prayers! We've been focusing on finding families and we met a guy named Javier! He's from Ecuador and is married to a Spanish women. They have a young son. Our lesson went great, and he seems golden! 

       On Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with a Dominican family! We had fried chicken, rice and I made sweet potato pie! HahaThanksgiving isn't really celebrated here, so it was cool that we had a family nice enough to have us over. We talked of gratitude after, and it was just way solid! 

       Haha the last thing that we did on Saturday were splits. We took all of our young mens group. (All 2 of them) and did a split! My comp got to go with this Cuban kid who's got ADD like a mad man! He puts his arm around everyone! He also runs around kinda like a gorilla sometimes! He's too funny, but kinda irreverent.. That's why I went with Javi. He's a cool Spanish kid, but hasn't had a lot of desires to be a big part of the gospel. We got some great street lessons, and then he hung out with us for the rest of the day. On Sunday he showed up with a white shirt and tie, and passed the Sacrament! The progress here is slow, but it's sure! 

        The church is true, and God is a God if miracles! Love you!! 
-Elder Bailey
Toledo x capital of Spain