Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#36 Get Pumped!!

People enjoying mexican food that I made...

Gotta be short!!

Quick story!! Brasilian!!

So two weeks ago we had a meeting with one of our investigator's mom. She's a Brasilian lady. She looked really mean, and I had heard stories of her ripping into missionaries! We had a lesson with her where we taught about prayer and the Book of Mormon. she said that she knew God wasn't there, and if He was then he was heartless. I told her to pray, and that I was suere that she'd feel God's love. She then said, "if by next time I don't have an answer then I never want to see you again."

Fast forward to Friday. We went to pick up Harry and Milena(Less active member and investigator) They told us that Eliana (Brasilian mom) wanted to talk to us. I was thinking.. Crap! Well then we went up and sat down. She said, "I want to be clear and direct." I was thinking.... super crap! She's going to drop us and then rip into me!
She proceeded to tell us that she had read 3 Nephi 11 twice, prayed to God, and recieved an answer. As she talked I could see her eyes light up and her smile grow. It sounds cheesey, but It's really what it was. It was awesome. She said that she could also feel of our love, something that she hadn't felt from any of the other missionaries in the past. She said that as she gets more comforable with God that she's going to come to church!!

I learned a lot form this expiernce. First off that I needed to have more faith and confidence in God. He will always answer our prayers. I also learned that we need to always be happy and express our love for God's other children. They will notice it! The church is true!!!

With lots of love Elder Bailey!!


Monday, April 20, 2015

#35 Just a Good Ole' Paint Job

This week GREAT!!!!! I've had few weeks that weren't, but I love feeling like I'm making a difference!

We're been looking for some service opportunities, but it's rough because nobody in Spain wants a Mexican and an American moving around stuff in their flat! But our ward mission leader needed some of his house painted. I had the time of my life just paining and hearing his mission stories!! Jaja they're crazy!!! We also met one of his friends and set something up to start teaching them English! They seem super solid and I'm excited to get something going with them!

In our branch we need a sort of awakening. We have a lot of less active people that have been bishops in the Dominican Republic, Branch Presidents in Venezuela, and just a bunch of crazy potential!! We're been working hard to help those people rediscover their testimonies. I've been super happy in those lessons and feeling the Spirit powerfully as I've had the opportunity to testify of the importance of the basic principles. I'm super excited for this branch!! We are making great progress, and there's just so much potential here!!

Well I know the church is true, and I'm sorry if this letter has been all over the place... I'm 90% sure I have ADD! The church is true, and God loves us!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

#34 Throw your shirt on and get to work!

This week was interesting... Ha everyone was failing on us, and nobody wanted to talk to us because it was Semana Santa.(Holy Week) We were still working hard! My comp would pump me up, and I would try to pump him up!

Future Missionaries
We showed up to this less active lady's house, after we had just confirmed the visit with her. She wasn't there, and then sent us a text that she couldn't meet anymore. We had rang the door like 3 times before she sent the text. I felt like we should wait a minute before we left. I don't know if I was just tired, or what, but we waited. 2 minutes later a shirtless man sticks his head out the window. We hang rang the door so much that we woke him up. He said, "Hola Elderes" I asked him what his name was. He said Vladamir. I couldn't believe it! The missionaries who had been there had told me to find Vladamir, but his name wasn't on any of the records, and none of the members knew about him. I was way excited!! I told him to throw on a shirt and that we were going me meet with him right now!!

He tossed us down the keys, and we went and taught him. As we were teaching his ex wife(Lady who failed on us) came in and we taught their family. We called them to action, and the Spirit helped them realize that they had to come back and contribute! It was one of the best lessons I've had on my mission! They came to the church and watched conference with their whole family!

I know the Lord opens doors when we do our part! I love seeing these little miracles and the progress which I see in my areas. God is awesome!

Elder Terry Bailey