Monday, May 25, 2015

#40 Lady from the Caribbean

Well this will be short because I just picked up my new comp, so I time!! 
Basically this was a solid week! We've been looking for some new people to teach, and found this lady from some island in the Caribbean that nobody knows about. She doesn't have a phone, and doesn't speak a ton of Spanish. We left her a card and let her know where we met, and left it at that. Miraculously she came to church and said that she's never felt better in any other church!! We're meeting with her this week, but I feel like she could be an answer to our prayers!

Other than that I went and did a bunch of workouts with a less active guy named Fran. I might have written about him, but he's from Venezuela, and has a ton of potential. like 10 years ago he came here from Venezuela after being branch President. He saved the branch and made it really big. Now he's inactive, and is a personal trainer to spend more time with him we worked out..... I think it's the closest I've been to death on my mission. We had a great time, and related working out to the gospel and my I felt really good about it. He's awesome and I believe he'll come back soon! 

Well the church is true! God loves us a lot!! 

Elder Bailey

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