Monday, September 29, 2014

#9 1st BAPTISM

Ismael got baptized!

For those of you who are tuning in for the first time to the Elder Bailey email, we have a beginning paragraph so you can pick your favorite stories. Wow! Where do I start? Vale.. I got it! "Muslim leader" story, followed by BAPTISM! and finished with musical genius! 

I went to Segovia for exchanges again. Elder Brewer and I played a contacting game. We would have to talk to whoever we picked. I picked a group of 4 Muslim women. He said no, so I went anyway! We started talking to then like good ole' friends. I used the 5 Arabic words that I knew, and then we talked. They sure a heck didn't give us their numbers, but they did accept a card. Their children came and one of them smacked my bum.. that was weird. Well then we were leaving, but one of them told us to go talk to his dad who was on the other side of the park. We went over and the first thing he asked was why we were talking to the group of women..... I thought that we were dead for sure. We told him, and then talked to him for about 30 minutes. We showed respect as he did. He's the leader of the Muslim mosque there, so it was a big deal. We got his number and address! I'm so happy that we put aside the perceived thoughts we had and just talked and learned. It was awesome! 

Well now the baptism! We baptised Ismael! I'll send a picture, but it was so cool! It was great to see how God had been preparing him! He had 80 people there in a ward of 140! The support in this ward is truly incredible! The Spirit was really strong, and his testimony was powerful. Something crazy about it is that he was born in Guayaquil Ecuador. One of my good friends Toff is serving there! His mum always said we were connected because we had a lot in common... well there's one more! 

The last item on today's show was the music program we had at our stake center in Madrid! It's incredible the Spirit that music brings into the world. I had ideas that I knew were not my own! I know the church is true! It blesses families, and transforms lives. Jesus loves us more than we can comprehend! 

Elder Terry Bailey

"Ismael was born in Guayaquil Ecuador. One of my good friends Toff is serving there! "

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