Monday, September 15, 2014

#7 Next Thing I was gone

Well this week was great! I don't really remember what I did, but wow I feel awesome. I have gained a lot of confidence in what I do. There are hard times and chill time, but we can decide to make it the best 2 years, or the longest 2 years. I choose best! 
Quick outline: Soccer Dreams, People, Uruguay! 

Soccer dreams?  What the heck does that mean? Well Sit tight, and I'll tell you! So we had a great last District meeting where the Spirit was there. The Zone leaders were there, so I knew trouble was coming... Right before they left, they annouced that we could only play soccer on Pdays now. I was heart broken.. but seriously. We played every Saturday at 10-12. I thought it was a great way to obtain a better realtionship with members, bring investiagtors to meet members, and a way to show them that we were normal humans too. Back to the story. They dropped the news and then speedily left. I was kind of upset as were the other elders in my area. I was down for most of the day, but then I was comforted by words I remember from Tarzan. "Come stop your crying it will be alright" Jaja I realized that I didn't agree with that decision, but I knew that President Jackson was called of God, so it was the right choice. I was here to serve the people of Spain, so soccer isn't that important. 

People!  Always one of my favorite subjects! I made my list! In 6 weeks of being in Spain O have met people from 28 different counties! I'll send the list next week because I forgot my agenda. But it's awesome! On Thursday we taught Mimon and Saaid. They are the Arabic guys I talked about! They brought 2 friends, and one of them really likes what we have to say, but he's affraid his dad will kill him if he comes to church. The guys are 22-25, but it's crazy to see how passionate some people can be about their religion. It's good and bad. It's bad because it's harder for us, but it's great that people can have a strong conviction! So We're progressing! 

Uruguay!  We are teaching those Uruguayans who drink a lot of mate. They are great! I could sit and chat with them for hours! They are members, but they have some problems with Joseph Smith and the BOM. In theory it sounds really easy, but they used to be Jehova Witnesses, so they know the bible like nobody's business. They also stuggle with the hymn Praise to the Man. They feel like we should only be praising God. Haha so it's some hard stuff, but they motivate me to work hard! You can find good in everything! 

Well the church is true and love you all! Thanks to all those who wrote and sorry if I didn't get to write you back! I love you all and wish you the best! 

Elder Terry Bailey

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