Monday, October 6, 2014

#10 MILAGO DE DIOS (Miracle of God)

PS look at that sky and tell me that there's no God!
I'll be honest this letter isn't gonna be super funny.... Mostly because I can't think of any good lies... uh I mean stories to tell. jk all the stories I tell are true, but this week just had some growing points for me. 1. Milagro 2. Angel 3. Marathon

"When one door closes another door opens." Tuesday we had a great lesson planned for a Romanian lady we're teaching! She lived in the US for 12 years, so we'd give lessons in English. We got to the church and she said that she appreciated what we had done for her, but she was done. BOOM! I felt like I had been dumped by my girlfriend! My comp was kinda mad, but I was just sad. We decided that we had to forget about it, and get back to work! We hit the streets and found a few people with great potential! Then we went to go on another lesson. The guy said that he'd for sure be there, but he wasn't. We then started walking and found Carmen!! She's our investigator that had gone to Ecuador for a month. We saw her bringing back the bags, so we helped her. She informed us that she had given away a Book of Mormon the her cousin! It was exciting! 

     My friend Angel came to a lesson with us. He's a member that used to be gay. He's repented and he talked about how God was able to help him be better. He is still attracted to men, but he knows that acting upon it would be against the will of God. That hit me really hard because I know that sometimes we judge people like that. He taught me that God can help us overcome any trial, and can make us strong. 

    Now for marathon! Right outside of our flat there were people gathered together to run a marathon. I saw them and reflected my fair well talk. I was having a hard week, and I was feeling sick, but I saw the determination those people had to do something hard. This gave me the strength to do the same, and just lose myself in the work. 

     I know that God lives and loves us. I know he knows us. He works in mysterious ways, but that's because he knows more than us. As we follow Him we can be made Strong. 

Terry Bailey
PS look at that sky and tell me that there's no God! 

Another pic of when our table mysteriously broke

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