Monday, September 22, 2014

#8 Drug Dealers--3rd Nephites--AND Much More

At the Fair...

Outline.. I know you guys just want something you can make fun of me for later, so I'll let you know where those points are. 1. Story time! 2. Ghosts, 3. Prepared. I like to finish with the best. 

This was always my favorite when I was in second grade... Things haven't changed much since then. Well the story starts when me and our DL were contacting here in the promise land we call Villalba. We had just gotten yelled at, but this French guy when we get stopped by this kinda drunk guy. He asked if we were Mormons? We Told him that some people called us that... He said that he knew Mormons and he liked them.. then it happened... well nothing realy happened. I just though this would be a good place to insert drama. Well he'd get really close to our faces. He told us that he was in Columbia selling drugs. He had $300,000 worth of cocaine... " I had 20 kilos of that stuff... I was going to be set for life... but then those !"!"$%& locked me up! I did 9 years of hard time. That boys, is my story" Haha the funniest thing was his face! He started shouting right in Elder Weixler's face. Haha but he had just finished drinking so that was solid. 

3rd nephite.  PS We found this guy by a garbage pulling out bread from a big bag

The next story came when I was walking back from a lesson... I'll write out the conversation. 
Me, "Hola!" 
3rd Nephite. " Hi," (Handing Elder Weeks bread)
Elder Weeks, "Amigo, where are you from?" 
3rd, "Heaven" 
Elder weeks, "Where were you born?" 
3rd, "The heavens" 
Elder Weeks, "Where do you live" 
3rd, "Here" I reside in the world now. 
Elder Weeks, "What's your name?" 
3rd, "Child of God"
Me, "Great! Us too! 
3rd, "you should take your bread... I will take mine... I must depart now"
Haha This guy looked like a hun! He had that Asian looking beard that you see in Mulan! It was too funny! So we assumed he was a thirdNephite or something. 

Crazy stuff
Well on Saturday we left to go work. We hard locked our flat. When we came back be saw glass everywhere. I thought we had been robbed, but the lock was still there? So what happened? All of our items were still there, and there wasn't anything that someone threw through our window. It was odd. We cleaned it up for an hour... Well we still don't know how it broke... Yeah... it's still a mystery. 

The Best for Last!

Our investigator Ismael is finally getting baptised this Saturday! I'm crazy excited! He bore his testimony the other day, and the Spirit was quite obvious! I'm so pumped for him. I've learned that God has people prepared for us, and we just have to demonstrate that we are willing to do what it takes to find them and they will appear. We found two people who went to church in South America, but stopped when they got here. We are planning on meeting with them this week! I'm ecstatic for what we have planned! The Gospel is so great, and I'm grateful that I can be out here sharing it!! The Church is true! 

Elder Terry Bailey

PS This is the pic of what we saw when we got into the flat.
The Bota family and I drinking our mate! They're a great Less active family that just needs a little direction! 

Other pic is of me in my Gypsy pants! They're the bomb!! It's like a skirt with legs.

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