Monday, September 1, 2014


I love God, and his children, and that's why I left what I love for 2 years. The Book of Mormon is the word of God that helps us to draw close to God

My goal for this letter is to share some culture, my mish families, and some good ole' truth. 

First things first I'm the realist! jaja jk... uh well Spain is a unique place because of the diversity. Because it is Spanish speaking there are a lot of Latins here. I've met Dominicans who are impossible to understand, and are obsessed with baseball! Tons of Bolivians and Ecuadorians! There are Arabs, Chinese people, British people, and again tons of Latins! I'm going to come back speaking a mix of all kinds of Spanish! The Latins are way fresh and a lot more open! The Arab women won't talk to us... They say it's for religious reasons, but I feel like it's because I've let myself go. (Seriously though...some of my pants don't fit anymore) There are Chinese people, and they own a lot of little shops. I practice the little amount of Chinese that I learned in school. It's a great time! 

Now some work items! I learned how to effectively hit the streets, so I talk to EVERYONE!! I don't care what they look like or even smell like. Quick story 

                                  CRAZY HIGH/DRUNK GUY
We were walking back from lunch and this crazy guy stops us. I need you imagine a guy with long hair who probably hasn't showered since the 60's when that was something socially acceptable. He told us that we were geniuses!! But idiots. He Yelled "God is COMING!!" he then said, "You are crazy to think that the Spanish people will listen. They are ripe for destruction!" Haha the other Elders were there too, and this smelled like alcohol! I pretended to tie my shoe, gave my comp the ear nose thing, and we barely escaped leaving the other elders there to get him as a future investigator! #goodtimes

Well back to what I was saying before I went add. Well I talked to these Arabic guys, and they didn't want to talk to us until I talked about soccer. We invited them to soccer Saturday. They came and we became buddies! We are going to meet with them on Tuesday! They are going to teach me more Arabic, how to make falafel, and we're going to teach them a lesson! I'm way pumped because the church could always use better soccer players. jk it's because they are sons of God and deserve to know the truth. This stuff is so exciting! We are also teaching this inactive family from Uruguay! They introduced me to "mate". It's an herb drink that's really bitter. They need some help, but we have a good relationship, so it's getting good! We have some other good stuff in the works, but I don't want to jinx it, so watch out for my next letter! 

Last and most important! The church is true!! God lives and loves all of His children. I love God, and his children, and that's why I left what I love for 2 years. The Book of Mormon is the word of God that helps us to draw close to God. I love you, and wish you the best! 

-Elder Bailey

PS The pics are from Elder Sanchez that I was telling you about and a typical Spanish road. More pics on their way! 

These are from Segovia!! One is a cathedral and the other is the aqueduct.

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