Monday, September 8, 2014


Here's what I'm going to talk about, so you can skip to what you want to read, and so I can stay focused... I swear I have ADD. First, Some culture, second some stories, and third will be the reason why I'm here. 

Spain is too great! I can't think of a better place for me! Sister Clegg was telling me to start counting how my people from different countries that I meet. I have quite a list that I'll share next time. Today we got some Gyspy pants! They are like dresses kinda.. I'll send a pic if I can. We played soccer today, and I came back from Madrid in them, and I got my fair share of stares.. It makes me feel like leper, but I love them! Soccer is way too fresh here! We use it to show investigators, and members that we're not just weird guys who wear ties. 

There is a disadvantage to people liking us... just wait to here. There is a recent convert Giovanni, and he's too funny! He always teases this Elder who is kinda mean to him... He asked him how he was, and the Elder said, "Well" Giovanni patted the Elder's tummy, and said, "I can tell"! Haha maybe you had to be there, but it was funny. We also got to eat... wait... before I say it, I was a vegetarian before the mission. I absolutely hate meat! Well we got soup.. with pig skin! Imagine eating 20 big pieces of gummy sharks, but it's pig skin. Well I ate it quick with help from water! I'm pretty sure 2 of my pieces had hair, but hey, I made for a decent story! 

Last and Most! We had a lesson with the OrdoƱas family last Monday. The 16, and 15 year old kids have been investigating the church for a year!! There parents love us, and like the church, but they feel like their kids should be 100% sure. I can understand where they are coming from. Well the last few missionaries would just go and hang out with them with not a lot of focus. My comp told me right when I got here that the Father was the main thing holding them back, so right off the bat he was my main focus. After a few visits, and some Mexican food lunch that we had with them I felt like everything was good. 

Last Monday we met with them, and talked about baptism. Something that they've heard at least a dozen times. The last 15 minutes of the lesson were golden! Ismael (the 16 year old) bore his testimony, and then I bore mine. I literally never cry, and I started choking up.. I told them that I was here because I knew God loved them, and I went in a little deeper. I finished and we had a silence that felt like an eternity, but was more like 5 minutes. I then challenged them to pray, and ask the Lord if their son should be baptized. .... Fast Forward to Friday.. We received a call from Ismael and HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED in 3 weeks! I'm so full of joy, and I know that all of this is because of the Lord's power and love. The church is so true! I love you all an wish you the best! 

Elder Terry Bailey

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