Monday, August 25, 2014



Follow up on Irene... What we do with all things in life when they are too hard... Send in women! Jaja we passed her on to the sister missionaries because we feel they can meet her needs better. This week has been a lot better! I had to talk to my comp, and try to just be the best we can be. To be honest I would have been nice to him in high school, but we wouldn't have hung out. He has a lot of potential, but he kinda lost his drive and motivation. I could feel like, and it was starting to take effect on me. 

We were blessed with a miracle from the Lord! I know that what happened what truly inspired! I met Elder Sanchez my first day here. I didn't know that he was the Assistant to the President when I met him, but I found out later. He made a great impression on me, and after just talking to him for 10 minutes my first day I was so pumped! Well here comes the miracle. We were assigned to do Exchanges with the APs which is something that never happens unless you are a Zone leader, but we have no leadership position, so it's very rare. 

Elder Anderson stayed in my area, and I went with Elder Sanchez to his area. He is from Andelucia. It's a city here that speaks weird Spanish. Well we got going and started doing contacting. He talks to the people like they are his lifelong friends! He uses words like "Super" "Way" and other words that can't be translated, but indicate high enthusiasm! He is like the best missionary ever! He shows people great love, and has no fear! We worked way hard that day, and we got back to the apartment, and I was drained from so much work! It was Awesome! 

We then talked at night, and he told me thank you for showing the people love. he says I'm already a great missionary, and a bunch of other stuff. I felt like he talked to me the exact way Jesus would. I love this guy so much! I was ready to get back the next day and work with my new found form of contacting and excitement. 

I got back the next day, and my comp had found the same thing from Elder Anderson! We hit the streets, and felt an unreal difference! We had gone from good to better because we saw the best. I know that exchange was meant for us. I'm learning a ton! I hope I can write some funnier stuff later, but this was so important for me. 

The church is true! God lives and loves you! 

Love you guys! 

Elder Terry Bailey

What we do with our pday after hackie sack basketball.... We felt like the Sandlot, but older. Homemade pick up thin with a hanger and rope picking it up from floors up.... we're gonna start getting bags from the street!! 

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