Monday, August 3, 2015

#50 Because I'm Batman

This week consisted of tender mercies and peace. I've been in Ourense for almost 6 months now. I came in with my old comp, Elder Peterson, and opened the area. We worked tirelessly for the success of the area, and after almost 3 years without baptisms we were blessed to be a part of 2 people's eternal salvation. I've now been with Elder Galvan for 3 months and I saw a lot of the things we built up fall in spite of our efforts. With a branch that's about as big as my old priest quorum it hurts when we don't see progress. But it's not even me it hurts, but it hurts because this is their reality. After another year I'll go home to my monster size ward. 

After having a couple of down weeks where it seemed like our efforts were going to waste I decided that I needed to shift my mindset, follow what President Hinkley said and have an attitude of gratitude! I started seeing little miracles occurring more frequently. Just small things like running into a less active member that had been dodging my calls. We saw her, chatted a bit about life, and without saying anything about church she said that tomorrow she'd come and she did. An old investigator started reading the Book of Mormon. It also seemed like a lot of problems just fixed themselves! The biggest one though is Consuelo's daughter vamp to church. Her mom is our investigator, and when we went to pick her mom up she got in the elevator too. I know her mom didn't pressure her at all and neither did we, but I feel like the Lord touched her heart and she listened to the prompting! 

I'm grateful for the tender mercies God gives all of us everyday! Look for the and you'll find them! 

PS for those of you RMs I have a question. When was the last time you talked to one of the people you taught on your mission? As missionaries we played a big role in their lives and surely told them we loved them. Let us not just be speakers of the word, but also doers. I put myself in this category too. I need to be better at writing my converts, but I also invite you rms who read this to join me in doing better at showing that love we told our people we had for them. The church is true! 

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