Monday, July 27, 2015

#49 Este Semana

We had quite the week! From painting to preaching to anything else you can imagine. 

Oswaldo was a member reference from our branch mission leader. He's a very good man from Venezuela. He's encountered some tough economic times, so he has to sell his house. We helped him for a good chunk of our week to paint his house. We had an awesome time painting his house, and discussing with him. I think if it were just his choice he'd get baptized, but he doesn't want to do anything contrary to his wife's will, so she's our focus now, but overall I think it was a great opportunity to show a little bit of our love for them! 

Then this last week we taught Consuelo. They're also been having a lot of family problems, especially with one of her sister, who is a member. We shared a bible video that illustrated that we need to do things for God, and that she should ask him what He wants her to do. We finished the lesson, and then she prayed. She got very emotional and said that's why she doesn't like to pray. She said that it feels like I'm covered by this feeling. I told her that's the Holy Ghost. We still have a long way to go, but it's great to see how the Lord goes by giving us just as much light as we can take. He truly prepares people for us to teach. 

Overall we've had some great stuff happening. We've dropped a lot of people, and have had to be quite bold, but I know of we do the Lord's will that's He'll provide a way for us to grow and build His kingdom! the church is true!! 

PS for the future missionary who wrote my after looking at my blog I accidentally deleted your email... come to find out that stuff actually happens. I would love to write you, so if you could just send me a quick note, I'll gladly write you about the greatest mission on earth!!! 

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