Monday, August 24, 2015

#52 Too Much But Too Little

I have so much to say, but with so little time. Last week I have
traveling like 10-12 hours to get to my area. It was sad to say good
bye to my saints in Ourense. They did a small farewell with our small
branch, but I love them sooo much! They did a ton for me, and I don't
know if I can ever repay them.

Now I'm in Azuqueca and its my fourth area! I'm actually in a big
ward... I think the Lord likes to take me to dead areas, but there
wasn't a lot of work going here, but just this last week we've gotten
straight to work, and I feel like I've had one of the most productive
weeks of my mission! We've been blessed with a lot of miracles, and we
have plans to see many more! The ward is excited for some movement,
and we're going give them that and get into a momentum having the
Spirit guide us and open the windows of Heaven!

Above all we got the rest of the Fuentes family sealed!! It's too cool
and I wish I had more time to dedicate to telling you guys about it!
But here are some pics! The church is true!

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