Monday, January 5, 2015

#22 Holiday Cheer!!

Well the last few weeks have been really slow, but we're also seen some great miracles!! 

I have no time, so I'll just say that we're found 3 great new families this week!! One that is a Colombian family with a Spanish dad(Just to prove that we actually teach Spaniards in Spain) Another just Colombian, and a Bolivian family! It's great because they were all very open to the gospel and look like they could be great members! They all have jobs(Which is rare, and what our branch needs) 

Real quick I'll talk about the Spanish Dad Colombian family! We met then doing service in a little town. We were helping a member move, and then starting chatting with their employee! I love Colombian food, and slang, so we decided that we were going to get together and make Mexican buñelos! And her and her mum were gonna make food for us! (the tummy leads to the heart) We then met with them, and had a bomb lesson!! Our area is growing a lot, and I'm so exciting that I have a part in it!! 

The church is true, and so is everything about it!! God is awesome, and is now my good friend! I hope that all of you have the best new year of your lives because I know that I will!! 

Love Elder Bailey!! 

Shoot out to Kevin and Stevin! Look who I found playing soccer today!! Elder Fonseca!! 

Wow!! I look like I'm in pain in that first pic!! It's pretty ugly.. oops!

 Well Here's one of me and my comp at soccer today! 

I also fit 19 grapes in my mouth for new years!! 

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