Monday, December 29, 2014

#21 Best Letter I've Ever Sent! Maybe....

Outline: David Archuleta Concert!! Drunk Merry Christmas, and Milagros!!

      Jolin!! This week has been one of the best weeks of my life!!
Sunday we had a David Archuleta concert!! He preformed for the Madrid
stakes. Usually when a guy singer comes all of the girls go crazy, but
for him all of the girls and all of the male missionaries went
absolutely crazy!! It was way too cool to go there, with some of our
members. Then while we were a lot of Villalba(my old area) was there!
I spent the whole time giving big old hugs, and smiling so much that
my face killed!! It was awesome! Then the next day David came and
preformed for just the missionaries! Everyone was shaking his hand as
the walked out, but I brought him in and gave him a big old Elder
Bailey hug!

      Christmas eve was also great! We went and helped our friend Joni
move his Internet cafe, then ate with him and his family! He's so
ready to go to the temple!! Then we went with some other Ecuadorians
with Joni. Then he was dropping us off, so I wanted to get a pic with
them for Christmas eve. Then this drunk guy came and asked if he could
be in the picture... ( He only had to repeat himself 3 times for me to
understand that) Then we snapped one of him.. I'll send it in the
email. Then he wanted to take one with tati(17 year old daughter) She
then ran in the car! He then asked me for a Euro. I told him I didn't
have money, so he called me a liar. Haha my comp escaped to our flat,
and I tried to get in our building, but then hi tried to get Joni's
car! Ha I had to get out and kick him out of the car! Haha it was too
funny, and made our night memorable!

  Lastly we just had a lot of miracles working during Christmas, and
really feeling the Love that God has for us. The fact that he sent his
son for us. It's really great that I have the opportunity to share
this message with the people of Madrid Spain! Well the church is true!

Love Elder Bailey
Drunk guy and Joni

Love Elder Bailey

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