Monday, January 12, 2015

#23 Good Ole' West

Where do I start... well first off Read this whole email in a hick accent. (My regular voice gets boring) This week was the best darn week I even done had! Not really, but it sure did have some, good qualities.. like my first truck! 

We was doing a lots of service. It done made my heart fill with joy! We finished helping Joni put up his locutorio! We keep seeing those blessings from service! We were able to meet with another Bolivian familia! They seem so great! We have just found a lot of great people, so now we just need to get them to start making and keepin' commitments! There names are Betsabel, Marta and Marcos!! They just seem so ready!!!
Then on Thursday I done had the worstest fever east of the Mississippi! (Cut out the country accent. I can't do it anymore). Being sick on the mission stinks. I just felt so useless! On the plus side it was cool because when I woke up my comp had made me food! I love food! Then we had to cancel some appointments, but it was kinda cool because almost everyone we rescheduled with brought me medicine! Some people are just awesome! 

The coolest thing that happened this week was definitely the news that Isma(My first baptism) baptised his sister. Let me say that again! ISMA BAPTISED HIS SISTER!! It's unbelievably cool to see that he's not only staying strong, but also being a positive influence in his family's life!! The church is true! God is awesome and Isma just baptised Dayana! 

I hope you all have a great week! 

PS Next week I'll most likely be talking about the REAL MADRID GAME that my comp and I are going to on Thursday! RM vs Atletico deMadrid! 

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