Monday, January 19, 2015

#24 Craziest Story Ever!!

Wow! This week was the last week of the transfer and jammed packed! We went hard and got two fechas! We went to a REAL MADRID game, and I had an INSANE expierence in Church! 

We've been teaching an Ecuatorian family, but it seemed like none of them were progressing except for Aaron, We met with him and gave him a date to be baptised. He accepted! He's an awesome youth and will be a great example! 

We went to our game!! It was way cool and super fun! We saw Ronaldo and Ramos score!! Unfortunately we tied and got knocked from the Copa, but it was still so cool!! 

         CRAZY STORY
Now the story! My comp got notice that we has leaving our area, so we packed and were only 5 minutes early to church. We had an Xinvestigator there. He's a lazy Domincan who we dropped because he would just chill laying on his bed while we taught him. He was just lazy and had no desires so we dropped him like 3 months ago. So we walked in, and Felix(Xinvestigator) was yelling at our Branch Prezident dcondeming him to Hell! Apprently he walked into the chapel, knelt by the drinking fountain and demanded to be bapized!! 

We walked in and then went into a seperate room with him. Our president said that we have order in our church so we have to wait. He said that he had be reborn and God wanted him to be baptised NOW!! He looked at my comp and said, "This old man doesn't let me be baptised! You have authority! Come to my house and baptise me tonight!!" My comp said he was leaving tonight, so he couldn't. I had to escourt him out of the church, so our prez. could start the meeting. He told me that I was kicking him out the way the Jews refused Jesus. He said, "You will be judged and I condem you to Hell!! But the chubby one(My comp) You can be saved! Where is another church?!" 

I said there is one by the prado. (The catholic church) There is also a super market down the street if you wanna stop by there too. He stormed off! 

It was way weird to see Felix like that because we know him as Cleopatra because of him laying pose he did during lessons. I feel like he was drunk, so it was kinda funny. Well it's just good to know that even though we have some weird stuff happen in Talavera that the church is true and that I can share that message! 

Elder Bailey
Goodbye Elder Poulson

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