Monday, January 26, 2015

#25 Adios Alin

This week was way solid! We just worked hard, and had a good time! I
got a new comp and I've been teaching him Español! I have to force him
to speak Spanish and that kinda stinks, but it's what's best for him.
He's a good kid with good desires, so I feel like we're going to do
great things!

We had a lot of solid lessons, and on Saturday morning we did an
activity with all of our young men! (Both of them) Jaja but we brought
2 investigators with us, so we doubled our number! I got to go with
Aaron and Javi! Aaron is super ADD, and he has no fear!! He would go
up to random old people and just talk loud and share whatever...
literally whatever came to his mind! We had a great time, and they
felt excited!

                                            BEST NEWS EVER!!
I talked to our branch President about the Fuentes family (The family
who we taught the temple prep classes to) He said that they're been
paying tithing, so they can be interviewed now! Then the next week the
steak President is coming down for ward confernce, so he'll do his
interview then. In 2-3 weeks they can be going to the temple and then
get sealed for time and all eternity!! I'm so excited for them and for
the progress that I've been able to see in them! This is the best part
of the best 2 years!!

Well I know the church is true!!

Pics Alin is going back to Romania today! He was a cool investigator
and a great soccer player! I going to miss him! Aaron and new compa!

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