Monday, December 1, 2014

#18 Thanksgiving dinner with a Dominican family!

Me and my best friend from my last area!  

Well goodness gracious! I'm speaking like an old British lady or a guy from California! 

      This week was great! We've been making some great progress and having a lot of fun doing it! We introduced the 21 day plan that requires the members to pray for 5 of their friends to receive the lessons and at least one of the 5 will be ready at the end of that time! We have felt the power of these prayers! We've been focusing on finding families and we met a guy named Javier! He's from Ecuador and is married to a Spanish women. They have a young son. Our lesson went great, and he seems golden! 

       On Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with a Dominican family! We had fried chicken, rice and I made sweet potato pie! HahaThanksgiving isn't really celebrated here, so it was cool that we had a family nice enough to have us over. We talked of gratitude after, and it was just way solid! 

       Haha the last thing that we did on Saturday were splits. We took all of our young mens group. (All 2 of them) and did a split! My comp got to go with this Cuban kid who's got ADD like a mad man! He puts his arm around everyone! He also runs around kinda like a gorilla sometimes! He's too funny, but kinda irreverent.. That's why I went with Javi. He's a cool Spanish kid, but hasn't had a lot of desires to be a big part of the gospel. We got some great street lessons, and then he hung out with us for the rest of the day. On Sunday he showed up with a white shirt and tie, and passed the Sacrament! The progress here is slow, but it's sure! 

        The church is true, and God is a God if miracles! Love you!! 
-Elder Bailey
Toledo x capital of Spain

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