Monday, December 15, 2014

#20 I'm still immature... hehe

This week was awesome! We were able to do a ton of service, Speak in tongues, and rain soccer. 

      We had two investigators that are Romanian. One's name is Helmut and the other one is Miguel. Helmut is 15 and Miguel is 27. We play soccer with them, and Miguel asked us to help him paint a couple of rooms in his house. Luckily I had learned a little working for my dad. We helped them paint and then ate with their mom and dad. It was our first time in there house. We are now teaching their whole family, and are so excited for the path they're on! It's awesome to see how service makes the person giving and receiving service love for one another! 
       This is where we get a little immature... We were on our way back from Toledo from district meeting, and we were behind two Spanish girls who were about 20 years old. My companion and I were speaking in English and we overheard them talking about us. They starting talking, looking back at us, and giggling. They said we were cute or something and then they said... "What if they speak Spanish?" They looked back at us with a little surprised look and asked if we spoke Spanish. I said of course and told them that we enjoyed their conversation. They started freaking out like little girls. Haha it was funny to see what people will say when they think people don't understand them! 

The last thing isn't much of a story we just played soccer in the pouring rain with our investigators, and had a ton of fun! It was way cold, but well worth it! 

      The church is true and I love you guys! The mission is the best, and I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to be here! 
      Love Elder Bailey

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