Monday, December 8, 2014

#19 Riots, Futbol, Lord of the Rings

Me playing ranchero (don't know how to play)

Buenos dias! 

This week was great! We had a riot in our city, We had to conduct church and we're finding great people! 

 live in Talavera de la Reina. it's the most south that our mission gets, but it's still pretty cold.It's full of Romanians, a few Latins, and obviously Spaniards. Last week there was an Atlitico de Madrid game, and a guy got killed. On Saturday there were a bunch of protesters that came to fight. They were going to be targeting minorities, so everyone was scared. They got together and there was military and police there to stop them, so all they did was break some stuff and graffiti some walls. It was pretty lame. 

      Fútbol! We've been playing every Monday, (that's allowed) and we've found some great people!! A bunch of Romanians, but we are great friends with them, so it lets us more openly talk about the gospel. Plus most of the time they speak in Romanian, so I'm learning a little! It's too cool! 

          This Sunday all of our Branch Presidency was gone, plus basically all of our leaders, so my comp and I were in charge! It was kinda crazy! I was conducing Sacrament meeting and we usually have this apostate guy go up and preach false doctrine. Jaja so I was in charge of kicking him off of the stand! Jaja I wondered why my comp didn't want to conduct. Things turned out okay!! Well the church is true! 

PS this Romanian guy gave me a hair cut.... I still have it, and it's kinda uh.. interesting. I'll take a pic and send it next week! 
Love Elder Bailey

My buddy Elder Weixler

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