Monday, November 24, 2014

# 17 Progress, Weed & Love

This week was fantastic!! In my area (Talavera) there are a lot of little towns that the last few missionaries hadn't been visiting ever since they took the car out of here. We were looking through the area book and decided that we should set aside 2 days a week to go work in the pueblos. The results have been great!! We are finding some inactive families that really just needed a little push. 

My favorite story is the Fuentes family. They are from Ecuador, and just way cool! They told us that they're been wanting to get sealed with their family for over 14 years, but something always came up. We talked to our Branch Prez, and now we're been assigned Teach the temple prep classes!! I never even finished mine before I went through, so it'll be an awesome learning experience! 
    Along with our Town hoppin' we're met some pretty cool people! Given that almost every time we talk to youth they offer us weed. Here's what happened. 
Bulgarian guy, "You guys want some weed?"
Dominican guy, "No! they are people of God... they can't have weed. Wait, can you guys have weed?"
 It's legal here in Spain, but it's still kinda funny. Most of the people we talk to are super respectful, so it's great to see that even though a lot of people here are atheist that they still respect things of God. 
     I have come to grow and love this branch that I'm in!! at first I was super sad to be leaving my old area because I loved the people so much, but now I love these people. I have to work extremely hard because there's not alot of leadership or structure, but it makes me love and admire the faithful members we have now! They have good hearts. Even though there are people in the branch that hurt it some members stay faithful, and it just  makes me want to be better!

   Well I get to go give a lesson soon, but i just wanna tell you guys that I love you! I know the church is true, and god has a sincere love for each one of us!! 

  Here are some pics! This is my old comp that I saw at Zone Conference! He's a great friend now!

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