Monday, October 13, 2014


Throwback to MTC buddy!

Outline: It's gettin' hot in here! THE HUNT! Together forever. 

It's gettin' hot in here!

This week was fantastic! It's gettin' hot in here. There is a recent convert family that we are teaching. Everyone knows I'm Mexican and they always want Mexican food. I'm pretty sure they all pretend to like me just so they can get me to make them food, but it works. I started making burritos! I told them what to buy, and they bought these peppers. We put them in a separate plate, so people could choose to put it in. Come to find out they are a little less hot then habaneros, but they're hotter than jalapeños. Me being a prideful Mexican thought I Could take the heat.... so I put in 10 big pieces in my mouth and ate them up. But just so you understand they lady ate 1, and literally started crying! I ate the ten and the heat come! My face turned bright red and then drank coke, but it wouldn't go away! They made a video and everyone make fun of me! Wow it was rough... even for a 1/2 Mexican... I my half American took over. 

 And burritos! 
NOW for the HUNT! 
That same night we had the ward Family home evening. We had just finished the lesson and we started playing Spanish BIG BOOTY. I had just gotten knocked out of being the boss when I went to the lounge to sit down and cry about my loss when I hear a girl yell RAT!! It ran into the room where we were playing. We then started preparing to get it back outside from where it came. They built a table wall to make sure it didn't get to the other side of the building. Most people went behind the wall, but not me... I'm brave. We pushed the rat out of its hiding place, and then I heard this awful yell... come to find out it was my voice yelling, and I realized that I had then gotten on top of a table... that was embarrassing. I was kicked out of the room... Well I then hid on top of another chair while they hunted and got the rat outside...Success! PS before I start my serious story I ate cow heart with some investigators on Saturday... random, but it was quite an experience. 

Together Forever 

I've had some great times in Spain with some great people, but what really makes it worth it is talking about God and how He blesses families. We got to meet with a recent convert family. Giovanni and Miriam. Giovanni used to smoke and drink a lot before he got baptised, but the Gospel got rid of those addictions which is a true miracle. We knew that they were having relationship troubles, and we always thought is was Giovanni because he's well... you kinda need to know him, but as we talked we found out that their main problem is that Miriam has a hard time forgiving him for what he used to do. A couple of days later we had a lesson with them about forgiveness. The Spirit was obviously there. She started crying, and said she had a change of heart, and will diligently work to become better. Giovanni intends to help as much as he can. They have a great family and I know that the Lord blesses families! the church is true! 


And...he has not lost his capturing really cool photos!

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