Monday, November 3, 2014

#14 Talavera

Me and Javi

Outline: Area, Comp, Interesting testimony, and then mine. 
        I'm trying to sound exciting while I write about my new area so I just did a few jumping jacks... I received some interesting looks. eh Well now I'm excited! Talevera is a beautiful city with a ton of culture. There are a lot of old building here, so it's good looking. My SD converter isn't working, so I can't send pics, but when I get them then I will! I came into the area and our branch has 20-30 members. Our Branch Presiency all live about 1 and a half hours away. We have 3 families that live in Talavera and the rest live in Pueblos(towns) outside of Talavera and it's hard for us to go out there. They had just dropped most of their investigators or been dropped by them, so we're in finding mode! It's pretty rough, but I'm excited for the potential that we have here!! 
    My comp is Elder Poulson! He's from California, and went to BYU for a year before coming out here. He has a big heart and is very willing to work! He notices that we need to take big steps to progress this area, and he's excited to do it! He's gonna be a solid comp! 

                                                STORY TIME
     Well this story is kinda crazy... but I guess welcome to Talavera. They had me start off testimony meeting, and that was fun. Then when we had about 10 minutes left this guy named (Read with latin accent) Jesus went up to share his testimony. He has some interesting beliefs. So as he was going up this older guys stands up and takes his family outside. Right before he leaves he said, "Sorry President, I just can't let my granddaughter listen to this apostate charlatain!" JAJA so we have some work to do in the branch! I'm excited for what the feauture holds. 
 Now for my testimony! I know that this church is true! I know that God loves His children. I have felt this love and that's why I'm here in Spain for the next two years. God transforms lives, and through Christ we can be made Great! 

Elder Terry Bailey

Isma´s model shoot that he always wanted to do!
Good bye mamas! 


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