Monday, November 17, 2014


I know you miss the pose...

Cray cray cocaine dood, Fishes and progress!
    On Wednesday we were heading over to district meeting, and as we were walking to the bus station this gypsy guy tries to stop us. We were running late, so we had to keep walking. He says in his broken English, "Hey nigga, Nigga, you stop! F!"$% jew" and he repeated that about 3 times. Jaja we looked back and saw some white powder or something in his beard. Jaja crazy gypsies! 
     I did exchanges that day. I was with a Colombian guy and an American greeny. They`re both super cool. We were in a lesson with a Nicaraguan women. I had just talked and I looked at Elder Maughn (The greeny) to talk. We had just talked about the atonement and translated he said, "We are all humans... and we all have fishes." Haha we all started laughing and the investigator dropped to the floor laughing! In Spanish pescados is fish and pecados is sins. It was fun!
My companion

     Now for Friday night! We had our Family home evening! We did an atonement lesson and we did the push up thing. We had 9 people to start the Night. We did a lesson where we brought chocolates and I had to do 15 push ups for each person to receive one. Even if they didn´t want it I still did 15. I thought that it wouldn´t be so hard, but then I hit 90 and I hit a wall. It was crazy hard to keep going and then 3 new people walked in. They all told my comp to stop it and the last 5 people said that they wanted a chocolate, but didn´t want me to do any more. We then talked about how that related to the atonement and it was really powerful. I did just 135 push ups, but I felt dead. I can only imagine how much harder it was for Christ. 
     Well I just want to end telling you that I know this church is true! God loves us so much and the Book of Mormon contains the word of God. Joseph Smith is a prophet and we are now guided by living prophets! 
     Love Elder Bailey


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