Monday, August 18, 2014

#2 WOWZERS (August 11, 2014)

The tall one is my MTC Companion

Hey Friends, I have so much to say in such little time! I traveled alone from SLC all the way to Madrid. It wasn`t weird because I was scared, but because I was used to being with someone at all times. I met some pretty cool people. A pro rugby player named Mate. He was HUGE! It was weird being in a plane to Paris, and seeing everyone watching movies yet knowing that I couldn`t. I slept one hour on a 10 hour flight. I spent an hour in Paris then caught my flight. The worst part of it is that they TOOK MY GOLDFISH! Who does that? Well then I met the mission Elder and Mission President. From there I took a bus to Vilalba, which is my current area. 

I then met my companion... Let´s just say that it could be worse. I got to my flat, and it looked like it hadn´t been cleaned since the apostle Paul was in Europe... He didn´t have any lessons set up, and we had no plans for an hour. I made sure we did some cleaning. That night we made goals, and he confessed that his last transfer was kind of bad. We set high goals, and I let him know that I didn´t decide to leave my my previous life to kinda be on a mission, but I came to serve the Lord with my whole heart and mind. I don´t think I looked too happy about it, so he took it seriously. We woke up, 45 minutes early to clean the next morning. Now you´re probably wondering why I shared this story... me too.jk the flat was really that bad. If I went into detail then you'd probably throw up. 

Well now to the good stuff! We taught some families, and I was shocked at the love that I instantly felt for these people. It was as if the Lord allowed me to feel what he felt for them. We're teaching the Ordoñas family. They are golden. Their kids have been coming to church for like a year! They are really just waiting on their dad to give them permission to get baptized. I have been working on my relationship with him, so the day after his birthday this next week I'm making them enchiladas! 

Well The last story is way funny! I don't know if it will be nearly as funny for you as it was for me, but I hope so. We ate with this Hermana, and she was too kewl! She's from Bolivia. We (4 elders and 3 sister missionaries) went to her house for dinner. Well quick side note... there is a sister here that goes home in like a week, and she really bugs me. She's quite arrogant and rude. Well we walked into Adela's house, and she invited the Elder missionaries to sit down and get comfortable, and then told the sisters to get in the kitchen and start working on making food for the Elders! We offered to help, but Adela insisted that we stayed and talked to her. This particular sister was soo upset! The other sisters just laughed about it. Haha I guess the Lord really does work through his member. ;) We're going to make the sisters brownies during the nextmedio dia, so they don't feel like they are any less important, but it did make me happy! 

I love you guys, and wish you the best! I appreciate those who wrote this last week. The Church is true!! 

Elder Terry Bailey

the gurl is a good friend from my ward

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