Monday, August 18, 2014

#3 ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL (August 18, 2014)

"Time has the only value we allow it to have"

Holy Cow! This week has been an emotional roller coaster! Yeah... Let me tell you about the strangest experience that I've had here.. So we were going to teach a lesson to a Bulgarian women named Irene. On the phone she sounded like the nicest most loving women on the planet. We understood that didn't have a job, and she hadn't had one for a while, but that's kind of normal in Spain... Then Thursday rolled around and we met her in person. If you are under 13 I recommend you discontinue reading this now. Haha jk, but kinda not really. Irene opened the door, and literally looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings! She had slightly more hair. Well we went in with a member named Angel... He used to be gay, but that's another story for another day. 

We had planned on going over the Restoration with her, but as we were getting to know her she did a lot of the talking. I felt really bad for her as she explained her situation. She hasn't had work in more than a year, and she had no electricity, hot water, and she's going to be evicted in a month. She then started yelling at us as we talked about God. She cursed him, and I felt so defensive. I realized that I love God with all my heart, so it hurt when she started swearing and saying that he doesn't answer prayers. We were with her for an hour and a half. Angel probably spoke 5 minutes, I spoke 2 and my comp 3. She said that I didn't know how to speak Spanish, that I was short, brown, my handwriting was terrible, but I still wanted to help her. I tried to testify that God loved her, but she wouldn't hear what I had to say. We asked her to read the Book of Mormon, but she said that she'd sooner eat it. I had a ton of emotions running through me, but I really wanted to help. We ended the conversation and then we dropped off a bag of food at her house. We have another appointment set with her this Thursday. Wish us luck!

On a happier note, we played soccer on Saturday, and a TON of people come. The other missionaries in my area always play on Saturday, but they just play then leave. I noticed that this would be a great time to invite nonmembers. Every time I meet someone who looks like they play soccer I invite them to come play. I played and I probably played better than I ever had before, so they were more than willing to talk to me. I got 5 people's number (about the same we get working the streets in a week) I'm excited to see where some of these people go with the gospel. 

Well I'm running short on time, but I want you to know that the church is true. Despite what Crazy Irene says, God does live, and loves everyone of us on a personal level. I love you all and wish you the best. 

Thanks to everyone who wrote me! 

Elder Terry Bailey

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