Monday, September 21, 2015

#56 Hmmmmm

Bueno I have no time this week! I've been very busy and I can keep my mind off of what we get to do to help people! It's awesome! Well I just want to briefly share a story that impacted me and helped me very much. 

The familia Salas are awesome people! Hermana Salas is a rock in every sense of the word... He beat me in an arm wrestle while I was using two arms... Plus he's got 2 hernias( I'm convinced they help him have super strength) He needs to get operated on soon. Then his wife Elma is awesome too... She has three herniated discs that are out of place... She's in a lot of pain... We decided to make them cookies. I wanted to share a message, and I shared a good message, but their responses were much more powerful than my message. Manuel Salas talked about how God sent us here to be tried... He needs to allow us to see that we're strong enough to go through trails and come out victorious having gained greater confidence in the Lord. Then Elma talked about how through these trails she's come to have a greater appreciation for the Atonement and a great love for God... These people are amazing. 

I've come to learn that "my yoke is easy and my burden is light" that means there is a yoke, and there is a burden. God doesn't take away all of the pain, so we can be happy, but rather provided something much more gratifying.... He provides a way for us to be happy through our burdens. God is great. 

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