Monday, March 23, 2015

#32 Hermano Jacob

"Pray for Miracles and have faith that the Lord will give them to you
after you do your part" -Elder Holland

This week was fantastic!! We had a great start, and a bomb finish!

As you can imagine the great start was playing soccer! We had 4
investigators there, our main man Jacob and a few less actives! My
comp is super good so it's fum to play with him!

Hermano Jacob!! Jacob is a convert from Cameroon! He was the last
person to get baptised in my area. He got baptised a little over 2
years ago! He's always open to come with us to the visits! I can
barely understand his English even though it's his native language,
and his Spanish is hard to understand too. But his spirit is very easy
to understand and feel! I don't think I've met someone with a stronger
testimony! I'm so grateful for him! He can always put a smile on my
face even though he always asks me for ties! HAHA I love Jacob!

Well this week we are still contacting like animals, but we finally
had a day that was just full of visits and that was great! We have
seen great growth and it feels awesome!! The best news is that we for
sure have 2 baptisms taking place this Saturday!! I'll tell the story
of these people next week, but it's just great that I feel like I have
been able to be a useful instrument in the hands of God and I know
that we Can all feel that when we work!

The church is true!

Love Elder Bailey

pics Me and Jacob!! and our barber!! We look good with our new cuts!

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