Monday, March 9, 2015

#31 Miracles

Well I told you guys that I'd tell the story of what happened last week.. so here it is!

We came to church an hour early to start filling up the font. I thought that it'd be a good idea! :) But I was quite wrong. During the end of first hour the Branch President pulled me aside and told me that we weren't going to be having a baptism that day. I had been informed the night before that I was leaving plus we had to fight like lions to get Miguel ready for this day. I decided that I would do everything in my power to get it ready for today!! (People had already brought food, his family was there, and Miguel was excited) During all of second hour I had Elder Boone teach Gospel principles, and I started filling buckets!!! I would fill up as much as I could from the sink and then take it in. third hour sacrament meeting started. Once it ended the branch Prez. said that if there is enough water then we'll have a baptism. Him and I walked to the font... there wasn't enough water. Even with all of my effort we weren't even close. He said sorry Elder. Before he could say anything more I run to our pulpit and quoted James 2:16-16. "Show my your faith without works and I'll show you my faith by my works" I was way good friends with all of the branch, so I asked them to help me, and if they helped then God would find a way to let us have a baptism!! EVERYONE moved chairs, grabbed buckets and got to work!! It was the most unity that I had even seen there! WE all worked hard for about an hour! Miguel and I then got dressed and we had a baptism!!!!

Although Satan had kept putting road blocks in our way we were able to be instruments in the hands of God to be part of a Miracle. The very fact that Miguel made crazy changes to be baptised is a miracle. He had to stop drinking, going to parties(Which is all everyone does
here) and start keeping the law of chastity. Meaning leaving a lot of his old life behind. I thank God for the opportunity that I had to play a small role in the conversion of one of His sons!! The church is true, and God is a God of miracles.

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