Monday, February 16, 2015

#28 Espain!

This week was great! We had steak conference, Valentines day, and a crazy guy trying to spit game!

Steak Conference was amazing!! I can't really tell you a lot about the talks, but I can say that I saw a ton of people from my last area! It was so great to see Ecuadorian mom, and a ton of the people with whom I worked with and to see their faces light up a little when we saw each other! I just remember that my face hurt from smiling so much!!

Then on pday we went with the Fuentes family(The ones who are getting sealed soon and had a photo shoot!! It felt great! Then on the actual day I was with my X companion and my current comp... The jealousy in that room was ridiculous! Jaja

The last story took place while we were walking home. We were in front of this bar, and this guy stops and does the up down checkout and then starts to sing to these girls.. they looked at him and then ignored him.... the guy kept singing and then walked away. Right before he turned the corner he said, "My heart needs you" He was walking backwards and tripped!! haha it was a good way to finish the day.

Well the church is true!!

Stake Conference

Family photo shoot

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